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Hi ~ and Welcome to Tovah's Green Life!

I an so excited that you've decided to give your body a reboot and new start toward a healthy and wellness lifestyle with my program.

For each day of your 10 Day Cleanse and Detox you will have access to these supportive Daily Guide. My intent in writing you about what to expect on any given day is to offer you the motivation to complete this amazing program.

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I look forward to learning more about your participation in the my program. I've got you covered from understanding the expectations to how to manage the struggle. 

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Your 10 Day Cleanse and Detox Begins!

This is Your First Day ~ Getting Ready

Welcome to the ELITE Group of GreenLife Cleanse & Detox latest round of cleansing in 2021!


This program is exclusive right now. Just for you. This is not about what you CAN'T have, it's all about choices, and just adding in the best possible options every chance you get until you realize you actually are cleansing often with each choice. Read More

Preparing Mentally (Day 2)

We're starting Your Second Day!

Step #1 Wean off caffeinated drinks. This includes coffee, diet coke, energy drinks of all kinds & soda. Your goal herein out is WATER more WATER and more Water.  Read More

Be Good To Your Self (Day 3)

You make my heart spark. Because of you, yes you and what you are doing here the world is going to be a better place. You're changing your food, but really you're changing your life. The cells in your body that generate new life.  Read More

New Beginnings (Day 4)

As your body starts to enter into it's long hyper cycle. Hopefully you've got all your provisions, been shopping, got your protein powder & have already tried making juice, a smoothie or shake and have had a salad or two. All of these practices help you in forming good "habits" and also teaching the skills and preparation necessary to get ready for tomorrow.  Read More

You Are Wonderfully Made (Day 5)

Congratulations! You are halfway there! Your basic day goes like this...

1. Upon rising drink 32-64oz water pregame ... Read More

Hydrate Hydrate (Day 6)

Alright beautiful,

You've come so very far, but we're really just about to dig in & have some fun! So whether or not you're losing inches like crazy or you might be feeling a little sluggish be sure that you're drinking your water in the morning.  Read More

Self Love (Day 7)

Entering into Zero Point Therapy tomorrow, it's important to plan out your day. Don't over schedule yourself. Plan to spend some more dedicated time in meditation, less time on the "screen."  Read More

Your Meditation Your (Day 8)

Zero point brings many things. Take a moment maybe in you "reset time" & reflect on what it is you want to accomplish with GreenLife Cleanse? Did you simply want to lose weight, feel better etc. 

Read More

Celebrate You (Day 9)

Wahhhooooo friend! You made it through zero point!!! WOW!

Today is the same as day WATER WATER WATER.  Like a drill sergeant I'm telling you what's good for you and I need you to comply and drink the water even if you're not liking it.  Read More

Spiritual Beginnings (Day 10)

Cleansing is the highest form of spiritual release regardless of your belief system. It is the very act of faith in motion. It allows news thoughts, habits, new cells to bubble up and helps you slough off old dead things that don't work for you or serve you anymore. 

Read More


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