Be Good To

Your Self !

Day 3

Green Smoothie

We Begin


Hello Spark Heart,


You make my heart spark. Because of you, yes you and what you are doing here the world is going to be a better place. You're changing your food, but really you're changing your life. The cells in your body that generate new life. You are doing it.


So tomorrow is the "real" beginning of the Cleanse.


Hopefully you've got all your provisions, been shopping, if you need a protein powder to carry you through this you have something like "Vega" powder & have already tried making juice, a smoothie or shake and have had a salad or two.


All of these practices help you in forming good "habits" and also teaching the skills and preparation necessary to get ready for tomorrow.


Tonight, get some good rest.


Do your best to cut your "screen time" down to a minimum if possible.


This allows your body to naturally disconnect and unplug.


Be good to yourself, take a bath, sauna, get a massage, sit in a jacuzzi if you can get to one. Even a nice long hot shower can do the job. Make sure that you make time to treat your body well. We are continuously making withdrawals from our body, staying up late, drinking extra, popping that pill, it's just easy to do.


Take this time to really deposit into your body's "bank account." You can start by reading something positive before you go to bed. If you don't have something good to read. Write a sentance you can read to yourself.


Quit looking back or focusing on the past, you're not going there.

Keep moving forward.


Find a phrase you can repeat to yourself today. A quote you can focus on. Here's one I am using today for myself:


"Be still and know."


Keep it simple, repeat what you know works and it will.


All the great things are usually simple.




Tovah and your GreenLife Tribal