Celebrate You

Day 9

Dinner with Friends




Wahhhooooo friend!


You made it through zero point!!! WOW!


Today is the same as day WATER WATER WATER.

Like a drill sergeant I'm telling you what's good for you and I need you to comply and drink the water even if you're not liking it.


Ask me about urine and why it needs to be a certain level of clear when you pee. One of my fave topics when it comes to output. Sweat. Urine. Digestion. All good things.


A.M. Juice or Green Smoothie + Salad for lunch and dinner too is always a successful way to end the day. 


You can start to integrate warmer foods if you are feeling the need depending on your comfort level. It might be cold where you are adapt to that with steamed mixed vegetables with light sea salt. 


**Tovah tip: I like to do steamed veggies or bone broth early in the day during the winter months. It makes me feel full and warmed up.


Most importantly I want you to do a little happy dance and then today when you make time to meditate, increase the time by 5 mins. See if that changes anything for you. Your body is rapidly becoming a lean mean immune fighting machine, you're fighting off disease and murdering your fat. Yes, I said that. But seriously, you have to find a way to make peace with your pallet and finally conquer food once and for all. It's the WORST thing to be addicted to because we have to eat to live.


TTFN - Ta Ta For Now!


Talk soon!


Your GreenLife Tribal Friend in a Tree, Eating Eucalyptus