New Beginnings

Day 4


A Newer You

Hello friends!

As your body starts to enter into it's long hyper cycle. Hopefully you've got all your provisions, been shopping, got your protein powder & have already tried making juice, a smoothie or shake and have had a salad or two. All of these practices help you in forming good "habits" and also teaching the skills and preparation necessary to get ready for tomorrow.


Tonight, get some good rest. Do your best to cut your "screen time" down to a minimum. This allows your body to naturally disconnect and unplug. The LED display on our smartphones, kindle, iPad, computer or even television can have severe effects on the brain. Not only can too much screen time keep you distracted but more importantly it can dramatically increase the likelihood of depression, ADD, fatigue, insomnia and restlessness. Even if you know you don't spend a lot of time on the computer, do your best to relax tonight, tomorrow and throughout this process. Be good to yourself, take a bath, sauna, get a massage, sit in a jacuzzi if it's available. Make sure that you make time to treat your body well. We are continuously making withdrawals from our body, staying up late, going out AGAIN when we know it's been a long week. Take this time to really deposit into your body's "bank account." You can start by reading something positive before you go to bed. I'm talking about watching "Forks Over Knives" or "Fat Sick & Nearly Dead," with Joe Cross. "Crazy Sexy Cancer" or a classic story that you have always loved that lifts you up! Challenge yourself. Put only the best quality nutrients into your life, read the best books, watch only uplifting stories & watch happiness become you. It may sound far fetched, but it's right within your grasp. 


Try to get more of your mental "armor" this week. Know that there will be temptations, fitness is the best triumph over temptation. Is it really worth the guilt you'll give yourself after indulging? Absolutely not.


Do your best to eat a salad or lightly steamed vegetables tonight for dinner. Have as much as you need to feel full. Upon waking, drink 32-64 ounces of water. Stretch, take a walk and try to postpone eating as long as possible. Do your best to wait until you are sincerely hungry. Please refrain (if possible) from waking & then immediately drinking a shake or smoothie. Really hold off if you can. Of course if you're struggling, then eat but do your best to listen to your body, drink water, wait, the respond. 


Drink water, eliminate. Wait for hunger to kick in. Go to work, start your day however that may be. Then drink your juice for a snack. Have a salad for Lunch. I'll be sending you more as we continue but early in the week the cleanse is very very simple.


Remember to be kind to your body & it will reward you. The weight will fall off if it needs to. Your new you is just beginning to form, but it will take time to come to the surface. The oak lies in the acorn. And your best self is waiting deep down inside. Water that idea for a little while.


Let me know how it's growing, I mean going...


Hearts and sparks,