2020 The Year We Choose to Reset

2021 is here and it has us looking around. Taking stock at where we are at in life. What's working, what's not, and just maybe what we're willing to change.

While 2020 sure did leave many of us on riverbank watching what was, the most documented, spun, politicized health crisis the world has ever known. We don't have to continue on that vitriol of U.S.A news. Instead, I challenge you.

I challenge you to say that 2020 was a reset year...

No matter the the loss, the devastation, the injustice, the cause, the label someone else has for "their" 2020. This can be the year we choose to reset. To reinvest. Not just in ourselves and in taking care of what's good and restorative for our lives but in being kind even when it hurts a little. After all isn't that what the act of giving is really all about?

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