All is Well in the House of Gucci

Updated: Apr 25

For a long time the Beauty & Fashion Industry has been villainized for animal cruelty and unsafe business practices but really are they hurting anyone? Who doesn't love a good luxury bag? These industries intersect with one another in many foreign countries via the distribution chain and buyers. How is this related to Cleansing?

Well, when you cleanse, you start to become a little more aware. A little more sharp, a little more in tune with your own world and what's going on around you. It's not an overnight "Eureka!" moment, but it's like the volume of life just keeps getting amplified. You do one cleanse; the needle moves, from 1 to 2.

Ok, you feel a little better.

You do a second cleanse and then this time it's a little longer, needle jumps from 2 to 5.

You're feeling more confident like you know how to handle this so you stretch it out a little longer. Then you start really seeing and feeling how this mind of yours can work, and the longer you do this the better at it you get.

This is where the growth takes place. This is what is different about Tovah's Green Life Cleanse. It's unlike any other cleanse you've ever tried before. It's a guided meditation. Not just a recipe book, and certainly not a "just add water" packet. You get the "Miracle Clay Powder" for smoothies and oral health. You detox a lot via the mouth actually at first. I'll let you run with that one. Think about it.

Then as you walk through the program you begin to see your body, mind and heart respond.

If you follow the directions you absolutely will gain insight and clarity. Do you have some big decisions to make? Trying to change careers in the middle of this economy? Changing where you live? Moving out of state? Why wouldn't you want these things all together? You are after all living in ONE body, why wouldn't we work to unify ALL these things together?

THAT'S the difference with a Green Life Cleanse. We help people discover who they really are, and what they really want.

So why Gucci? Where does the purse come in?

Stay tuned, have I got a story for you...exclusively available in my forum.

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