And so like the hour glass, so too are the "Days of Our Lives"

Growing up in the Smith house meant we watched "Days of our Lives" every day. Like it or not, it was on like some kind of religious homage to the silver screen of it's own. My Grandma never missed an episode & made sure she was home for that hour of power.

What was John Black going to do now that he didn't have Marlena?

Where would Lucas turn next for help with his scheming?

What about Alice? Dear Alice and Dr. Horton, they really were the glue that held everyone together year after year at Christmas. Somewhere in that dystopian defunct town of Salem, we were ALL there with them. Enduring the daytime television ratings antics of their less than perfect family tree. They wrestled with demons that hadn't really yet been named - although there was a time when Marlena was POSSESSED and THAT was just "silly" in my opinion, but hey, it's daytime TV. You've got to keep it interesting, right?

What does this have to do with cleansing and changing? Everything. Every story they wrote no matter how extreme brought our heartstrings together. Those writers wove in a story of intrigue and desire for wholeness and redemption e-v-e-r-y single day. It was life and death every time. And while I often sit here and wonder, what can I say, what story can I tell you that helps you find your breakthrough like I have. I feel that this right here, me writing you, IS a matter of life and death. Sharing with you how to conquer self is a daily process. It's not perfect, I assure you. I can attest that I have sacrificed doing what's perfect on the altar of just one step in the line of many changes that eventually look like this perfect little path when someone stumbles upon it.

It's not easy being present in both your body and mind at the same time. So if this concept of "daytime saga" feels reticent of your past relationship with food, dieting or best desires of healthy living, know that you aren't alone friend. Just make one better choice today. Whether that's putting something like a green juice into your body, or saying no to that Starbucks craving you know you could stop but haven't.

It's about restraint.

It's about getting out of your own way.

It's about letting go of the things you "do" to feel normal, and embracing the thoughts that come in when you sit with yourself - not doing the thing you thought was gonna make you feel better but you know isn't good for you.

Does that make sense?

So this is what I sit with today. I WANT to go eat the almond cookie, but I know, that the cookie actually eats who I am and what I want for my highest self. When I have it, my thoughts change, my heart gets frustrated, I don't feel that awesome and then I'm just upset with the give in. It's definitely NOT worth the turmoil. So give a mouse a cookie, and let yourself rest. Your creative brain will thank you as you free up space for intention and blessings you didn't know were coming.

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