I'm looking for a revolution, not a revelation...

Or as I like to call them, the Holi-daze that it can be. This year was definitely different. It didn't feel as light, it didn't ring as happy for sure. For all the good years we've had, there certainly is plenty to be thankful for...


Being happy.


Your spouse or significant other.

I can honestly say that in the last week, while showering, I marveled at the thought of having hot water. This pandemic if anything it's helped realign the priorities that are most sacred in my life, and continues to encourage me to get my "house" in order. Before we talk about sweeping driveways and cobb webs it's important to first take care of your personal "house." The place within where your mind dwells and finds solace in. If you put good thoughts and good acts into your mind your brain will go to work on those things when you are on "autopilot" and just start managing things for you. You'll que up, much like any software program, the last rewarding transaction you had that impacted you. Whether it was good or bad or whatever you'll play that "track" in your mind.

Your mind will tell you where you are going before you've had a chance to think. This is what we aim to improve, not just the scale, sure anyone can quantify results and demonstrate progress. But what is progress if we don't succeed in keeping it? If we aren't able to harness our hard work and then go apply it?

By recognizing the thought patterns that no longer serve you and cleansing the body and systems that do, every day, in one step small or large, you can, on a daily basis be literally changing your life.

My Green Life Cleanse comes from over 10,000 hours of learning, working and growing through my own weeds, and my clients, so that you too can get through these first few cycles and grow through yours. This way we can grow together. First in what we feed our body and then with what we feed our minds and habits. This is where we can dig down deep into the matters of the heart. That's where change happens, it's where preparation and motivation meet up and work out together.

So before we get started just ... let that train of full of self doubt move right on through, you don't need to get on and check out what's on board. I promise you, there will be no #FOMO for what wasn't in that car for you.

Your real life is waiting.

You ready to get started?!

Let's do this!

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