Does that mean you have to be sick to take clay?

No, not at all!

The best-known characteristic of clay is that it "acts as needed".

Clay is said to propel the immune system to find a new healthy balance.

Reactions are not forced, but rather triggered into effect as they are needed. Clay simply strengthens the body to a point of higher resistance. In this way, the body's natural immune system has an improved chance of restoring and maintaining health.

It seems entirely paradoxical that clay can function both as a detoxifier and as a source of substances the body can absorb. Logic would tell us that there is no means by which clay could act as an inert substance in one moment, and in the next function as a substance capable of fulfilling nutritional needs. But it is true: clay has the capacity to function as both.

One of the great advantages to eating clay is that there are no contraindications for its use. One doesn't have to worry about existing conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, hormone imbalances, or high triglyercides or cholesterol levels when eating clay on a daily basis. Clay has never been known to have adverse effect on any of these chronic ailments.

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