Welcome to the Green Life people. Welcome!

The first thing to remember when cleansing is simple as the A B C's to remember:




Even if you can only do one small thing for your body each day, remember it is the very thing that keeps you going! Even if it's just lemon or cucumber or mint in your water! It all helps!

Pay attention to what you're putting into your body, and it will start to "speak" to you, to clue you in on what's happening in your belly, and around your life.

Take good care of it, enjoy what you have, make peace with your palette and your plate often there are a great many good things that await you on the other side of simple obedience.

Obedience is not merely to roll over. It is an opportunity to surrender one self and say, I cannot do all of this my self. I need guidance. That's where Tovah's Green Life Cleanse and their friendly community all come together.

Think of me as your Green Life "Sherpa" and guide for the next 10 - 21 days, however long you plan to cleanse.

As we set out on a new expedition this winter, I will encourage you to stop, take stock, look around and practice presence over connection with people in your closest bubble. It's not easy to stop your regular train of thoughts and be completely present with someone 1:1

That's the only homework you have before we start this next cleanse that will be 10 days long and spans over 10,000 hours of training in the field of cleansing and regenerative techniques that bring the mind, body and spirit into holistic alignment.

Everything is a journey, it just depends on how you are determined to look at it.

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