Coming Out of your Cleanse 2021

Updated: Feb 9

If you're winding down out of your 3-10 or even a 21 day cleanse. Don't forget that there will always be the basics of cleansing, Always - Be - Cleansing friends, ALWAYS.

You'll want to slowly wake up your digestion by having something like soup or a smoothie. You can't just fast forward to cake and bagels and pizza and whatever else your chicken brain craved while you were on the wagon.

That's another concept that's important to address. This "wagon" is here to stay, or at least that's the culture we cultivate at Tovah's Green Life Cleanse, if you're always cleansing it doesn't mean that you're eating perfectly at every single meal. It means that you're now recognizing and auditing everything that goes into your mouth and past your gums.

It's all about adding in the good.

In fact I think it's about adding in SO much of the good that it just simply puts anything and everything you might consider "bad" to not really be "bad" anymore because it no longer really phases you. Because now your food paradigm has shifted. There's no real reason to see this as some kind of good vs. evil struggle. It's just about balance. That cheesecake is going to exist. Like it or not. But the healthy thoughts you feed your mind, and say and speak over yourself and your own body are so important. The power of life and death are in the tongue.

So ease into your next meal. Maybe you don't need a late night snack anymore or a coffee at 3pm or those cookies behind the cupboard in the kitchen while your kids watch TV. I know. I've been there. Food is addicting. But so is feeling really really healthy. If you can get over this hurdle with me, I can guarantee you will meet a side of yourself you are quite pleased with. A no amount of cake or nachos can fit in that box of self respect.

Peaches and Pigment Poising to Pivot,


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