Miracle Clay or No Miracle Clay, the proof is in the eating...

Living Clay

Calcium Montmorillonite

Clay eating has been a recommended medicine for thousands of years by many different cultures, but most of us have not known about it, since such recommendations have been practically unheard of in the United States. Imitations are growing popular.

Clay is said to do everything from acting as an intestinal cleanser and an alimentary detoxifier to working as a vermifuge (to get rid of parasites) and a natural antiviral and antibiotic.

The fundamental objective of natural medicines is to assist the body in working properly – to help the body heal itself.

Clay is not a quick cure for any disease, much like diet, you have to remain dedicated to using the clay for 90 days to be able to chart any changes.

It is, however, especially suited to dealing with chronic complaints.

Clay, given in small doses, is slow in effect, but the slow process evokes a more definite and radical cure than other supposed "quick-fix" medications.

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