Reasons to Cleanse: BPA & Toxin Build Up In The Body

BPA (Bisphenol-A) can be found in many plastic products & affects estrogen levels, and is known to have ties to various forms of cancer, sexual disfunction & early puberty, just to name a few. Having that said we do our best to stay away from plastic products that are flimsy or unprotected. BPA's number one exposure place is at the retail cashier.

When I first read about receipt paper being a major transmitter of BPA I wasn’t too phased. Until I started realizing that often I fold up that receipt and I stuff it into my purse or wallet. And usually I’m pretty good about wiping my hands down when done grocery shopping. Regardless of wiping off hands or even the steering wheel, how many times do we touch that receipt and then something else like our face? Especially if we throw that receipt in our purse & later fish it out. Then guess what coats the lining of our purse pocket? BPA. And how many times a day are we reaching into our purse?

Recent studies suggest that BPA is not only found topically on store receipt paper, but it also can be absorbed directly into the blood stream via the skin & doesn't wash off. Major retailers using BPA laden receipts are some of the biggest chain stores in the United States. They include but are not limited to: McDonalds, CVS, KFC, Whole Foods, Safeway and the U.S. Postal Service. There are a few retailers that are actively choosing BPA-free receipt paper & those include Target, Starbucks, & Bank of America. It's so important to know about these everyday risks so that we can spare ourselves the toxins and chemical exposure. If we can make ourselves more aware of the simple & avoidable risks in our day to day it all just might add up to a healthier lifestyle that's a little less toxic. All the more reason to find a way to be healthy and cleanse the body.

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