So You've Gained the Covid "19" now what?!!!

Updated: Jan 21

I live in Southern California, actually San Diego. To say that people are beautiful here is an understatement. The varying degrees of people, the colors, origin, nationality and generational proclivity that has brought humanity through the very gates of this city was very broad, and so a rich culture it reflected. Then Covid came to town. Or rather the contiguous U.S. I still marvel at wanting to wait, still in disbelief that this terrible mutant virus was actually here that it could actually harm people. Boy, were we wrong.

Why is behavior so augmented by external factors? It's natural. If we watch the news we get concerned. We're hard wired to fight or flight ourselves into whatever self-defense mode helps us best survive. So Covid hit us right in the kisser. We were poised with promise and intrigue for 2020 and sure enough we didn't ever run short of a plot twist last year, and that was nerve-wracking. We weren't sure what was happening next or where the next set of wild card instructions were going to be. Here in California where we weren't aloud to go to the gym, but Disneyland was closed it felt kind of weird. It's been a weird year to say the least. Weird is the word I'm just going to go with. I'll keep using that. It was the first 100 year pandemic that was 100% documented 24hours a day from the moment the news hit the screens.

All things considered it left a lot of Americans eating and watching, working and surfing the net, and eating and eating and eating and eating and not really doing much else except eating and then after a while complaining about the eating. So that's where I come in. I'm human, I've done my fair share of indulging. But to take it to the level that 2020 had for us, was just too much. Too much I say! So if you gained the "Covid-19" or the Covid 20 or 35, I understand. I think everyone gets how that happened. But now it's time to reassess. We're not going "back" to the world as it was before, we're moving into something new and different. It's time to be well. Not for just vanity sake, but to be well, to live, to survive this time in history.

This is why going on a "diet" is not a good idea. Getting on a "program" is not for everyone and if you're anything like me, you tend to reject anything that anyone tries to tell you to do, no matter how good it is for you. It kind of has to be your idea. If you're an independent personality then you hear me, you get this, you're nodding your head. We agree. So. What's next? We learn about cleansing.

Did I say, we start cleansing? No.

Did I say buy my book? No.

Did I say, go somewhere and tell them I sent you? No, but that would be cool.

So, here we are. We are merely learning. It's like feeding a little bird. How do you get the little bird to come over and eat from your hand full of seeds? You hold out your hand and you stand still. You wait. You know what you have. You have the seeds. You have the roots. You have the purpose planted already within you. All you need is the understanding from the bird, that "Oh hey, I need that to be well!" And boom, just like that everything can change.

So here I am, holding the seeds, trying not to make any big movements, trying to help you come over here and eat with me. Treading water. Simply because I can't wait to meet you and your Covid - 19 story, and how you survived this crazy and wild time, when the plague roamed the earth and the strong banded together to help each other become stronger. You do realize that right? We are stronger together?

You are here for a reason. Not by mistake, or accident, but with a divine chance to make great changes in your own life and those you love around you. These changes will open and unlock your world in a way that only you can have access. This is your story. Wouldn't you rather be the one telling it?!

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