The Vegan with the Leather Purse: In the House of Gucci

Updated: Jun 19

The fine art of luxury handbag craftsmanship is still a sacred trade and curated art form passed on generation to generation. Much like blacksmithing, tanners, undertakers and priests, there was no shortage of this talisman maker in early 1920 Italy. In learning about the purses, the bags themselves and the first few prototypes always open the door to a larger, more versatile line of purses. Much like shoes and accessories. It takes one person to wear them in public to make a brand "pop" up over the iconography of it's time. I always felt like handbags somehow personified a piece of my own personality. And that's how I fell in love.

That's what a soul piece is supposed to do, open up a door to you, let you climb in and take residence. Finding your own path to stylish couteur isn't easy. Anyone can walk into a store and "buy" the mannequin but it takes someone practicing presence to be able to shop like a Queen in Gucci, tack back 6 blocks and hit a thrift store with the same finesse. Absconding that one needle in a haystack.

Iconography just goes with the territory, whether your Princess Diana in Chanel, Gwen Stefani's "L.A.M.B" line in the early 2000's they both completely changed the way that things were shifting. Hi fashion was moving forward, as always. This time, up in front of Hollywood and into the beauty of Orange County California, not far from where I grew up in Riverside about an hour outside of L.A. It was like the worlds had suddenly collided for me.

Maybe that's why Riverside is so special, we had all the class and glamour of nearby areas, without the unnecessary phoniness that came with the territory and it's subjects. Mostly I'm referring to disingenuous people. Also known as, those who are insincere, apathetic, want one thing from you, like a selfie and then are gone.

This is the rouse of fame people, and it's that "it" feeling. Bourgeoisie, carousel, "only my Calvin's" feeling that keeps fashion trending. What's in the house of Vogue stays in the house of Vogue, one campaign at a time.

Gucci captures this feeling, although I can't say that it was always on my radar. It may be in a handbag, it may be in a scarf, and maybe if you're lucky you get to be the one who can take the one piece you have and turn it into a million dollar moment.

Next I will unfold how I found my most recent piece. Excited to share with you how everything continues to evolve here.

One puzzle piece at a time.

Stay tuned.


"The Vegan with The Leather Purse"