What to expect from this 10 day cleanse... healing and insight.

Remember this 10 day cleanse is a condensed version of our 21 day cleanse which takes you through a variety of high's and lows in stabilizing mood & blood sugar levels all while eliminating waste & detoxifying the body. Expect to feel a little grouchy. A little down. A little vulnerable and upset for no reason. Sometimes you'll catch a lark and you'll feel AMAZING because maybe you eat pretty good but you just had some things like super toxic coffee in your system that was affecting your day to day. All of the above is normal.

Your results will be noticeable but the real "ahh ha" moment comes when you stick with the program & you're just starting to get in the habit. It took years for us to get to the state we're in now. It's a little far fetched to think that all those habits & effects on the body can be reversed overnight, BUT what we can promise & offer you are the tools for change. Let this be a place to start, to begin again & renew over and over again. Everything else will fall into place, don't worry.

Cleansing is not just the act of giving up something that you enjoy, like coffee per se. It's about acknowledging that all food and drink, everything we put into our body has a vibration. It's positive or negative, it either feeds you or it takes from the storehouse. It's your job as the host to run this body, to help figure out what makes it work best and what not!

Expect results if you're able to give up caffeinated drinks. They'll certainly removed the dark circles from under your eyes. You'll sleep better, and most importantly your perspective on life with improve with much clarity. I hope this encourages you to work towards cleansing of any kind. It doesn't have to just be a Green Life Cleanse.

Cleanses can be started at any time and devoted with intention to someone you care for. Many people are grieving loss in this season. The loss of their loved ones, a loss of life or livelihood, the way they felt about life before Covid got to the United States. So much. Maybe even their marriage or relationships lost in the winds of disruption. Cleansing may be a way to move through that grief or anger, and find answers through stillness and simplicity. The practice of simple living is in fact its own meditation. Think on it. I'm curious what YOUR thoughts are. Please come, tell me on IG, find us and lets talk!

I am dedicating this article and my next cleanse to my Father, David. He has always loved me wherever I was at in life and I am thankful we now get to do things together.

This is him now ---------------------------->>>

Mr. Yoga Guru Grandpa

Love you Dad.

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