Why Cleanse?

Once you start a cleanse whether it's for health reasons or spiritual insight there's something at the root of your motivation. It's usually the "carrot" or the "whip." The former feeds the horse, the latter disciplines. Whichever reward gives you more motivation matters not right now. What matters most is the process of cleansing.

Maybe it starts with adding lemon or lime to your water each morning.

Maybe it starts with taking just 5 minutes and some deep breathing exercises while you wait for your coffee to brew.

Small steps can reap great reward if done consistently over time.

Take a look at wheatgrass for example. An amazing super food that feeds the blood pure oxygen and turns the immune system into full "beast mode." That's what I want. Something that gives my body an edge, something different an unknown factor, that starts a conversation.

What are you doing? Is it working? How are you feeling? We want to know!

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