Preparing Mentally

Day 2

Green Smoothie

Mind Over Matter

Goodday Starfish,


We're starting Day #2


Step #1 Wean off caffeinated drinks. This includes coffee, diet coke, energy drinks of all kinds & soda. Your goal herein out is WATER more WATER, make it hot with lemon, make it cold with cucumber and mint, drink alkaline or spring, get it into your being!

-If you are a ritual coffee lover, convert that ritual to green tea for now, and work towards less of it as the cleanse progresses.


Step #2 Abstain from refined sugars of any kind.


Bone broth is a "go to" for me when I crave something sweet and salty. And my #1 "Swiss Army Knife" tool for biohacking on top of cleansing this year. You want MACRO-results with MICRO-effort, THIS is my secret weapon. Tool of the stars, they don't want you to know. Broth.



Step #3 Drink somewhere between 32-64oz. depending on how much you can hold. You don't have to slam it, just drink at a normal pace. If you need to take your time that's ok. But the important thing is to get that water in your digestive system to stimulate your intestines. Then after you've drank the water, go and sit on the commode. You are training your digestive system. You'll be surprised, your body will listen. This should produce a bowel movement. If it doesn't that's ok, hang out for a few minutes at least, relax & even if it still doesn't come, you've still set yourself up for having one sooner than later during the day. It may take a few days for your body to get used to this idea, or for your digestive system to relax if this is really foreign to you.


Drinking water & eliminating first thing in the morning is one of the BEST detoxification steps you can take.


Be well & Do Good today,


Tovah and your GreenLife Tribe


Snack tip of the day: Snap peas, cucumbers, plain carrots, and basic almonds are all good choices when you're stuck at a desk and need to eat, or just feeling "snacky" as I call it. Don't go hungry! Be nourished!