Self Love

Day 7

Veggie Poke

Self Love

Entering into Zero Point Therapy tomorrow, it's important to plan out your day. Don't over schedule yourself. Plan to spend some more dedicated time in meditation, less time on the "screen." Learning how to step away from these things that trigger stress for us is so important. You are embracing change one moment, one meal at a time.


Today's act of self love today, 

is your random act of kindness tomorrow.  


Allow yourself that thought, that you are capable of far more than you realize. Infinitely more. You are a beautiful and infinite being that is divinely created. You have a divinely created purpose. Like it or not. Everything you've done has led you to right now. This sentence will change the way you do things. 

You move forward when others stop.

Tonight get some good rest.

Screen time = Cellular Unrest henceforth disruption at the cell level. Do your best to eat a salad or steamed vegetables tonight for dinner. Pre-hydrate so that you start from a place fulfilled.