Spritual Beginnings

Day 10

Yoga Pose





Cleansing is the highest form of spiritual release regardless of your belief system. It is the very act of faith in motion. It allows news thoughts, habits, new cells to bubble up and helps you slough off old dead things that don't work for you or serve you anymore. Every 7 years your body cycles out old cells and regenerates new. You are constantly evolving, changing, growing, cycling, whether or not you realize it or not your body is always adapting and altering it's algorithms. Our computers are constantly rewriting and improving what we're doing, why wouldn't we as a divinely oriented species be doing the same?!


If you're excited and noticing results, come along for the extended cleanse habits I can share with you via Instagram and in our online community. If you're new to cleansing then ease out of this phase with the directions in the manual.


Also you can intermittently fast from 6pm until 6am, and then introduce liquids (water, tea, smoothie or juice until you're ready to eat around lunch) and make sure you eat a highly nutrient rich lunch and see how you feel. This helps reduce bloating and maximizes digestion. Learn the natural rhythm of your body. Try to find a way to personalize this last day of the program. Use your 11th day to practice mindfulness and gratitude. Take a peek at David's program, the Koan Meditation Guide is a wonderful resource. Find what speaks to you and go there...


Yours truly with much love,