This cleanse is not about what you CAN'T have, it's all about choices, and adding in the best possible options every chance you get! We're going to flood your body with so much goodness that any nooks or crannies that have disease curious cells in them HAVE to be washed clean or eradicated.

In case you're in a rush. Here's the skinny...

WHO: YOU & anyone else you want to bring along for the ride!

WHAT: The 10-day jump start will have meal planning ideas, exercise suggestions, grocery lists, videos & recipes for juicing and salads, insight & ideas to start your own method of adapting to this way of living. YOU WON'T BE HUNGRY! You'll be living on fresh juices, raw protein packed salads, and vegan friendly, plant strong recipes!!!




You don't have to go anywhere, or meet anyone new if you don’t want or have time to. We will be setting individual goals & our forum is primarily on Instagram for photos and plenty of inspiration and community involvement to allow interaction, Q&A, recipe sharing & a support system for everyone.


WHERE: From the comfort of your living room and or you workspace. You don't have to go anywhere special or do anything different outside of the program.


WHY? Aghem Covid-19. Anyone? Anyone? Immunity and health. Anyone? Anyone? Personally, our team is SO DONE living 'the Covida Loca' here in California. It's high time to move along little virus. We have to prepare our body to fight this.

And some of this stuff here...

Why not?! This isn't going to be 10 days of "I can't have this... I can't have that," this is 10 days of sleeping better, eating better, better sex (oh yes I said that & I'm gonna talk about it) and learning most importantly how to take care of your body, by feeding it the best quality ingredients! You’re going to get quality results. Set your intentions today. What is it you’re hoping to benefit most? The ability to focus more on the simple things, clear your head, go to the bathroom a little bit better?

This is the best step towards creating a healthy future for you and those you love. Disease is rampant in America. Cancer is no longer a distant issue. 1 in 4 are affected in the U.S. & studies. It's time to take back our health & learn to live in a healthful manner! Looking forward to hearing what you want to accomplish in your 10 days! Please come find me on Insta & let’s connect through the process!

Love love love and more to come...

Tovah & YOUR GreenLife Tribe! 

A little disclaimer: I am NOT a Doctor, or "traditional" nutritionist. I just am an average gal that got really sick & HAD to change in order to live. So I got some great results by applying some very simple practices that have been passed on to me by great teachers of the "raw" health movement. This cleansing program in no way should replace or substitute an evaluation by your Doctor & their recommendations. If you are taking medications or have specific questions about your health you should consult your physician first before starting this program.