The Inward 


Day 8

Making Fruit Salad

Let Your



Zero point brings many things.


Take a moment maybe in you "reset time" & reflect on what it is you want to accomplish with GreenLife Cleanse?


Did you simply want to lose weight, feel better etc. Or are there some other issues behind it? Are you praying about something right now? Meditating on an important issue that's heavy on your heart? Hoping for change? Uncertainty around you right now? Are you seeking something? Try to boil it down to one quiet word. If so it's possible that using this time of fasting as an opportunity for you to really focus completely on what it is that's on your heart & possibly resolve it. Jesus fasted. As did Ghandi, Joan of Arc, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa and countless others that changed our teaching in word and deed. Why wouldn't we seek to understand what they were out searching for too? What's out there that they wanted? What is better? What is higher? Consider the time that this experience has granted you to be an opportunity to cleanse the heart & mind. That is if you choose to do so.


Try to make your meditation practice a high priority today.


Make it imperative before you move on to your next.


This is not a requirement.


You get what you give.


Own this choice. It's an investment in yourself. You want the results, why not push through? Swimsuit season is just around the corner?


Macadamias & Mason Jars,


Tovah & the Green Life